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Majora's MaskWalkthrough

In this walkthrough, i have put numbers in the temples, this is the number of a correspondng fairy on the fairys page. I thought that would be easier then explaining what room each one is in.

Go to the fairies page (opens up in a new window)

Woodfall Snowhead Gerudo Fortress Zora Cape

Ikana Castle Stone Tower The Moon

Start of the game

Follow Skull Kid through the hole, and then jump over the logs and into the tree. Once you have the Deku mask on, go through the door. Use the Deku flower to fly over to the door, and then go through. Use the Deku flowers to fly around the room and through the log entrance. Go up the ramp and towards the exit. After talking to the mask salesman leave the clock.

Getting Deku Mask Off

Once out of the clock, go to the laundry pool, (to the right, up the ramp) and jump over the water and get the fairy. Now go to north clock town, and into the big cave. After seeing the Great Fairy go back out of the cave and shoot a bubble at the balloon. Talk to the kid with the red hat. Now, find the 5 kids. (2 are in north clock town, one is behind the slide, one is behind the tree. 2 are in east clock town, both on a different roof. And the last one is in east clock town, at the top part.) Once you have the pass code go to the top part of east clock town and tell it to the kid, and go in. Jump over the water and shoot the balloon. Go up the ladder and then up the stairs. Talk to the old man, and use the telescope. Zoom in on the top of the clock tower, go outside, and get the Moonís Tear. Go to South Clock town and to the Deku flower, talk to the Deku and give him the Moonís Tear. On the 3rd night at Midnight, use the Deku flower and go to the ledge on the clock tower, and go in. Shoot a bubble at Skull Kid and knock down the Ocarina. Get the Ocarina and learn the Song Of Time. Pull out the Ocarina and play the Song Of Time. Go back into the Clock and talk to the Mask Salesman, get the Song Of Healing, and then go out of the clock.

Getting To Woodfall

Go out the South gate and keep going straight ahead. After the clip, go ahead again, around the tree. Keep going straight, until you get to the next screen again and see a building above the water. Go in the water and swim left, when you get to the wooden platform, get out and walk past the pot building, and into opening. Talk to the monkey and follow him. Talk to the witch lying on the ground, then go back to the other witch, (either in the pot house or in the forest) and talk to her. Get the potion and take it back to the first witch. Now go back to the boat tour building (first building in the swamp) and talk to the witch in the window. Take a boat ride and get off at the Deku Castle. Go in and talk to the Deku guards as Deku Link, then go into the door on the right. Dodge the guards and make it to the end, and go down the hole. Talk to the Magic Bean Salesman, get some beans, and also get a bottle of water. Leave the castle, and hop over the Lilly pads, which are to the left. Plant a bean in the soil and water it. Stand on the Bean pad and go up, use the Deku Flowers to get into the monkeys cage. Take off the mask and talk to the monkey, hit the pole with your sword until the monkey speaks. Put on the Deku Mask and pull out the Deku Pipes. After learning the song, go to the ledge that is on the way to the Bean pad. Fly up with the Deku Flower and to the next screen. Use the Deku Flowers to get to the waterfall, and up to the next screen. (Make sure you read the tablet along the way.) Go around the ledges to the little circle with a Deku picture on it. As a Deku, play the Sonata Of Awakening, Fly over, and in.

Woodfall Temple

As you come in1 use the Deku flowers2 to fly to the door. When you are in the next room3 jump to the door on the right, and go in. Jump to the Deku Flower, and fly to the chest. Get the key, and then go back to the Deku Flower and fly to the door. Kill the snappers, get the map and go back out, and out again, jump around the big flower to the door.4 (Deku Link can stand on the small flowers) Go in the door and as Link push the block, go right around the ledges, push the block, go to the torch5, light a Deku Stick and light the torch near the door6, 7. Go in, Kill the Mosquitoes, get the compass, and go out. Light a Deku Stick, go up the stairs and light the torch, relight the deku stick, and jump over the ledges and burn the web. Go through, light the torches8, and then go through the door. Use the Deku Flower to get to the door, go straight ahead and step on the switch, go through the door, round the corners and through the next door. Kill the Dinalfos, and get the bow, then go out and shoot the eye9. Jump onto the flower and fly to the high door, Kill the frog, then the frog on the snapper, then go through the door. Get the boss key then go out the next two doors, fly back to the ledge and go through the door on the right. Shoot an arrow through the fire to the torch in the middle. Jump onto the spinning flower, and shoot an arrow through the torch to the torch in the corner. Jump off to the door10, 11, and go in12. Go up two ledges to the right using the Deku Flowers13, 14, shoot the crystal, then use the Deku Flower to get to the Deku Flower in the middle, then use that one to get to ledge above. Use this Deku Flower to get to the Boss door15, Go through.

To Kill Odolwa you have to hit him with anything you want, sword, bombs or arrows, not as a Deku.

Getting To Snowhead

Go out the north gate, down the stairs, up the ramp, shoot the stalactite twice, and go through. Walk forwards until you get to the snowballs blocking your path, blow them up with a bomb, and continue to the next screen. Go to the road that is behind the building. Walk along the bridges to the next screen. Walk to the back of the screen, and talk to the owl, then jump on the invisible platforms where his feathers are, and make your way to the cave. Go in the cave, get the lens of truth, and then go back out. Use the lens to make your way back, talk to the ghost using the lens of truth, and follow him. When you are going up the wall, use the lens of truth to see the holds. Once at the top, go in the cave and talk to the ghost again, then play the song of healing to him. Get the mask. Put it on, and go behind the tombstone and move it. Go to the screen where you saw the owl, and talk to the goron (on day 2 and 3 he is a snowball). Get him to open the door and go in. go to the top and talk to the baby goron. Go back to Darmaniís grave and Fill up a bottle, and then find and unfreeze the old goron. (Might want to find him first, he moves) Learn the song. Go to the young goron, and play it to him. He will teach you the whole Goronís Lullaby.

Now go back to the screen with the building (armoury) and go down the screen near the owl statue, jump over the jumps (make sure you have spikes), and onto the next screen. Play the Goronís Lullaby and go up the ledges, and into the Snowhead temple.

Snowhead Temple

As you go in, push the block as Goron Link. Then go through the door to the right. Roll across the bridge1, 2 Jump onto the ledge and go up.3 Turn left, get the map and go out. Jump back and go in the door.4 Go in the yellow door, pull the block out, go in and get the key5 go out the door. Shoot fire at ice on the red door. Go in the locked door6, 7 Blow up the cracked wall, go in and shoot arrows at the stalactites (on the roof if you didnít know) 8 and jump to the snowball. Punch it as the Goron. Get the key then go through the door.9 Goron pound the switch, jump to the switch near the door, pound that, Go to the yellow block in the middle, (not the green one) and pound it. Go through the door. Roll over the jump, and then roll around the side curve. Roll over the jump, and go in the door. Kill the Wizrobe, and get the fire arrow. Go out, over the jump10, around the curve, over the other jump, and into the door. Shoot a fire arrow at the ice, and go through the door, then through the next two. Go through the red door, melt the ice on one of the green doors and go in.11 Light the three torches with fire arrows, and go in the door. Goron pound the switch, then go out and back to the room with the jumps. Punch the blue bits then fall to the bottom. Go up the stairs; go through the blue door, and up the stairs. Shoot the eye with a fire arrow, when standing on the block. Go through door and around the curve. Melt the ice and go in. punch the blue bit, go around and punch the other blue bit. Go back around curve again, 12 go over ledge, through the snowballs and up the stairs.13, 14, 15 Jump over and fly to the door on the left. Go in and kill the Wizrobe, get the boss key, go back to the top and into the boss door.

To kill Goht, shoot a fire arrow to unfreeze it. Then, roll around as the goron and hit it with your spikes.

Getting to the Gerudoís Fortress

After completing Snowhead, while itís spring, go to the screen outside the Goron shrine, and talk to the powder keg Goron. Blow up the rock in front of the races, and get the ďPowder keg licenseĒ. Now, on the first day buy a powder keg (cheapest from the bomb shop goron. Go to milk road, and blow up the boulder that blocks the path. Go into the ranch, and talk to Romani (the little girl), once you have Eponaís song, take Epona and jump over the wall blocking the beach. Find the Zora in the water (should be in line with the left side of the lab from the beach) and push it towards the shore. After it gets out, play the song of healing to it. Put on the Zoraís mask, and swim to the right. Along the bottom, near the second beach there are some boards. Head butt the second one from the left and go in.

Gerudoís Fortress

Watching out for guards, jump in the water and swim to the ledge on the left. Hit the switch with a Goron pound, and then swim into the gate. Hit the wooden thing, and then push the block. Go forwards, pull the block, and go back, head butt the wooden thing, go through and up the steam. Go straight, dodging the mines and the water jets. Go up, and through the door. Shoot boomerang fins at the crystal, and go through the door. Go straight, and up the ladder. Stand on the switch, go to the vent and boomerang the crystal, get off when in the next room, and climb the ladder. Boomerang the mines, then the crystal, and the go through the door. Go up the stairs and through the door. Go up the ladder (make sure guards donít see you. You can hit them with arrows), then go over the bridge and through the door. Go forwards, and then shoot the wasp nest with an arrow. Then go out, jump down, go in the door and get the hookshot. Hookshot to the top of the tank, put on the Zora mask, and put the egg in a bottle. Go out the door. Go down, and to the right. Go around the ledge, and hookshot to the pole, and then go in the close door. Go past the guard and into the door. Kill the guard, go through the door, hookshot up, and get the egg. (Hopefully you have at least 4 bottles) go out. Go to the other side of the fortress, and up two hookshot poles, and into the door. Shoot the guard with an arrow and go through the door. Kill the guard and go through the door. Hookshot to the tank, and get the egg. Go through the door, and back to the two hookshot poles, go up them and then up the third one and go in the door. Go through the next door and kill the guard. Go to the next room, hookshot up, get the egg then leave the fortress.

Getting to Zora Cape Temple

Go to the lab, and put the eggs into the tank. Then swim out between the two rocks to the right from the beach. (Pinnacle Rock) sink down to the bottom, and follow the directions of the signs, to the next screen. Kill the eels in the holes and get the last three eggs. Take them back to the lab and put them in the tank. Go to the front of the tank and pull out the guitar. Once you have learned the song, go to Zora Hall. (The place with the fish tail sticking out of the water.) Go down the ramp, and to the opening on the left. Play the song to Lulu, and then hookshot to the tree on the back of the turtle.

Zora Cape Temple

As you come in1 go through the door.2, 3 go to the back right of the room, and push the yellow switch. Go up the right platform and around, and in the door.4 Jump in the water5 and go in the hole with both pipes going in it. Go to the top, and onto the ledge, hookshot to the chest, and get the map.6 Go through the hole at the bottom7 and swim to the end. Go through the door8, jump over the Lilly pads, to the chest, and get the compass. Swim to the bottom of the water, get the key then go out through the rapids. Go through the red door on the bottom, climb up the pipe to the door and go in. go through the next door. Kill the eyeball thing and get the ice arrow. Go out two doors, freeze the Octorock, jump on it, and push the switch. Go back to the room with the compass and use ice arrows in the water until you get to the ledge. Go through the door, kill the frog, and then get the boss key. Go to the water wheel room, freeze the water flow, and go up the ladder and in the door. Hookshot to the barrel9, ice arrow the water to get to the switch and then push it. Go out, and through the middle underwater hole and go to the ledge where the map was. Ice arrow your way to the door, and go through. Freeze the blob and push it to the switch in the middle, get up and push the switch. Go to the main room, and into the new middle hole. Stand on the moving ledge, and when it is up, jump to the second one10, and then to the next ledge. Freeze the water11, jump to the door, and go in12. Stand on the far end of the second platform, shoot a fire arrow at the ice on the other end. Jump to the next one, and do the same thing. Push the switch13. Go back to the first ledge, unfreeze it and go through the door. Go through the hole, go to the bottom hole14, walk up the pipe15. Push the switch, go across and into the door, and then fall down the hole.

To kill Gyorg, hit it with your fins, or arrows, and then when it is stunned electrocute it.

Getting To Ikana Castle

Go to the graveyard (left road before Ikana canyon) and play the song of awakening to the skeleton, chase after him, (easiest way is to be goron, roll, and when little skeletons come out goron pound) and get the captains hat. Go back to the first half of the graveyard on the first night, put on the mask and talk to the skeletons, tell them to open the grave and go in. jump over the ledge and go to the next room. Light the torches, and kill the bats, then go in the next door. Kill the iron knuckle, and get the song of storms. Go back to the entrance to the canyon; wear the garoís mask in front of the ghost guy (get the mask by racing the Gormans) and hookshot to the tree. On the next screen, freeze the Octorocks, jump over them, and hookshot to the trees until you get to the top. Go past the house, up the ramp and into the cave. Play the song of storms to the composer brother, and then go outside. When the girl is outside, and canít see you, go into the house, and down the stairs. Play the song of healing to the ďGibdoĒ and get the Gibdoís mask. Now before you go into the well, you at least need to buy 5 magic beans, and a blue potion. But it is a lot easier to buy some milk as well, and then go down the well. Put on the gibdoís mask, and talk to the Gibdo straight ahead. Give it the blue potion, and go through the door. Go to the left, and get some water, go out and straight, give the Gibdo the water and go through the door. Burn the webs; get some bugs and some bombs. Go back, get a fish, and go back again. Give the beans to the Gibdo, go through, and go forwards, then left and give the fish to the Gibdo. Go through, and left to get ten nuts from the deku plants. Go back, give the nuts to the Gibdo, and go through. Give the Gibdo on the left ten bombs, go through the door, kill the big Poe, and put it in a bottle. Go to the nut room, give the Gibdo straight ahead the Poe, go through, and give the last Gibdo the milk. Light the torches, and get the shield. Shine the sun at the block, and at the sun, go up the ladder, through the tunnel, and up the next ladder.

Ikana Castle

Before starting the Ikana castle, it might be easier to get a powder keg, instead of going through the whole thing twice. You can easily get back in using the mirror shield. And going through the hole in the castle wall.

Go in the main door, shoot a fire arrow at the left eye, and go through the door. Put on the Deku mask, hit the switch, and get into the flower closest to the raised ledge. When the roof is down, jump out, knock the roof back up, get back in the flower, and fly up to the ledge. Press the switch, and go through the door. Fly to the switch on the left, use the lens of truth to jump around to the door and go through. Jump onto the ledge, and walk around. Jump down to the ledge in the middle, fly to the switch, and then go down through the main door. Fire arrow the right eye, and go through the door. Shine light on the block and go through to the next room. Kill the Wizrobe, and then go through and up. Use the powder keg on the cracked roof/floor. Go back to the main room, and shine light on the block and go through.

Kill the knights by first using a fire arrow on the curtains, then hit the knights until they fall down, then shine light on them with the mirror shield. The king is the same, except he takes a bit longer.

Getting to the Stone Temple

Once you have the Elegy of Emptiness, leave the castle, and go into the stone tower. Jump across the blocks, play the Elegy as link on a switch, hookshot up to the next ledge, put on a mask (not deku) play the Elegy, do this as you ascend, repeating it for each set of blocks. The only hard bit is making sure that with the last three you do the left switch last. Then go over and into the Stone Tower Temple.

Stone Tower Temple

Once you are in1 go around to the left door, and in. Blow up the wall, put a box one switch, and use the Elegy of Emptiness on the other three (make sure the goron is on the large one), then go through the door. Blow up the square on the ground without the grass, and then go down the stairs2. Shine light on the block, use Goron Link to walk over the lava, go through and get the map. Kill the four live Amosís and get the key. Go up the stairs and through the locked door. Put on the Zoraís mask and dive in. Jump out on the other side, and get the key from the chest. (Hard, but possible) go to the bottom and through the tunnel3.1 go to the top, and on the ledge4.1. Shine light into the mirror for a second or two, then move forwards to the mirror and shine light onto the block, and get the compass. Go through the locked door, goron punch the pillars5, 6, shine light to the left mirror, then to the next mirror, then to the block, then go in the door7, 8. Put on the Deku mask, fly around the jets, and go through the door. Kill the Garo, and get the light arrow, then go through the door, to the next and kill the eye thing.9 go through the door10.1 and leave the temple. Play the Elegy of Emptiness on the right switch, then stand on a block and shoot a light arrow into the red crystal, then go back in10.2. Go right, and through the door, shoot a light arrow at the block4.2, 11.1 fly to the middle, go through the hole, press the switch and get the key. Fly to the top and go in the door. Shoot a light arrow at the crystal, be a Goron, and walk over the lava. Shoot the crystal again, and go through the door. In the next room you need to keep turning the room upside down, until the box is in the hole. Go through the door; kill the Wizrobe, hookshot to the chest12, and through door. Fly over the gap, and then into the hole. Play the Elegy of Emptiness on the switch, and then get the key. Go back, and through the door. Shoot an arrow at a mine, to blow it up, then fly into the hole in the middle, and then to the end, and go in the door. Go through, and into the next door. Kill Gomess, get the boss key and go back. Fly to the middle, then to the end, and go to the door on the left. Jump over, and press the switch13.1, then hookshot to the chest and go through the door. Kill the eye thing, and get the giantís mask. Shoot the crystal14.1, hookshot to the chest, then to the pad on the ceiling, and then go through the door and down the hole.11.2, 13.2, 14.2

To kill Twinmould, put on the giantís mask and slash at its tail. When you are running low on magic, slash at a pillar and magic comes out of some, but you need to be small to get it.

After The Stone Temple

At midnight on the last night, go to the top of the clock and play the Oath to Order.

The Moon

If you have all the masks, (for the first time) talk to the four masked childern running around the tree. give them the amount of masks they want, go through the mini level, and give them more. After that talk to the Majora's mask kid and play 'good vs evil' with him and get the Fierce Deity mask. If you don't have all the masks, then just talk to skull kid.

To kill Majoras mask shoot it with arrows, and slash if it comes down, and shoot the other masks as well

To kill Majoras Incarnation, just slash it with your sword.

To kill Majoras Wrath, do the same, slash with the sword.

If you have the Firece Deity mask then just keep slashing, the sword shoots disks that will hit whatever you have locked on.







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