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Woodfall Temple 

  1. As you go in, put on the Fairies Mask.
  2. In a Chest near the right Deku Flower.
  3. In the right corner, as you come in the room, itís in a pot.
  4. Kill the Deku Babu near the door.
  5. Kill the Skullkulla
  6. Look under the platform, burst the bubble with a Deku bubble, and then use the Great Fairies mask.
  7. Shoot a Deku Bubble at the wasp nests on the roof of the bottom layer
  8. Kill all the black Boes, a chest will appear.
  9. Shoot an arrow at the wasp nest in the mouth of the statue, and then use the Great Fairies mask.
  10. Pop the bubble and use the Great Fairies mask
  11. Use the Deku Flower to the button near the torch, a chest will appear.
  12. Shoot the bubble on the left, Put on the Great Fairies mask.
  13. In the 1st right ledge.
  14. In the 3rd right ledge.
  15. Shoot the bubble that is in the fire, use the Great Fairies mask

Snowhead temple

  1. Under ledge, which you jump to, in a bubble.
  2. In the rock pillar, use Lens of truth to see hole.
  3. Right as you come in.
  4. Go down the stairs, Goron pound the button, open the chest.
  5. Push block in hole, get chest later.
  6. In the room before the main room (with wolves) step on the switch, push the block near the wall and jump up. Push the block to the door to get 5.
  7. Blow up crate on ledge above cracked wall.
  8. Jump through the wall near the white thing.
  9. In an invisible cave on the roof.
  10. Go in the door; use the lens of truth to jump up the ledges.
  11. Kill all the ice monsters.
  12. Jump into invisible hole (hard, not impossible)
  13. Go into the door on the right and kill the Dinalfos.
  14. Kill the other Dinalfos.
  15. Melt the ice, go through and use the lens of truth to find hole in the wall.

Zora Cape Temple

  1. Light the torches
  2. Underneath the ledge as you come in.
  3. Go up the left platform and kill the Skulltulla.
  4. Go around to the left, and Goron punch the barrel.
  5. In a pot on the bottom, in the middle.
  6. Use the deku to hop to the pots.
  7. Get onto the first Lilly pad; kill the Deku Babu In the hole.
  8. In pot underwater to right, use great fairyís mask to get.
  9. Make ice arrow ledges to hole in the roof. It is in the chest.
  10. Use the lens of truth, and hookshot to the torch, and open the chest.
  11. Go to the middle of the wheel, climb up and hookshot to the chest.
  12. Go down the hole and ram into the barrel.
  13. As a Zora climb up the pipe and jump into the cage, hookshot to the chest.
  14. In the Ďoutí vent is a fairy in a bubble.
  15. In the middle, in a bubble

Stone Tower Temple

Some fairies in this temple have two parts, one part for each side, right side up, and upside down. These will be marked differently, e.g. 3.1, 3.2

1.Shoot the eye and open the chest.

2.Hookshot up and right as you come in. in the chest.

3.1 stand on the switch at the bottom.

4.1 shoot the eye with the fire arrow.

4.2 Fly over to the ledge straight across from the opening.

5. Shine light on the last right sun, and open chest.

6. Shine light on the right mirror, then on the block, open the chest.

7. Be the Goron, pound the switch in the lava, roll quickly to the switch, and get when over there.

8. Fly into the hole, open the chest.

9. After killing it, get the chest.

10.1. Shoot the sun with the light arrow

10.2. Open the chest

11.1. Shoot the sun.

11.2. come back when the room is right way up.

12. Open chest.

13.1. Chest appears.

13.2. Come back when the room is right way up.

14.1. Chest appears.

14.2. Come back when the room is right way up.

15. Go to the room where you did the Zora, water jump, (do it right way up) shoot the right block with a light arrow, step on the switch, then shoot the left block with a light arrow, then open the chest.








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